1. Are you a factory a trading company?

We are authentic factory in Dongguan, China. We own more than 3000 square meters workshop and the full machinery of heat compression molding.

2. How can we get to your factory?

Welcome to our factory anytime, but we recommend e-mail and phone call communication because of the COVID-19 virus.

3. Can we get some sample from you?

We are sorry that we could not provide any finished product to new clients, since all of our products are patented, but we still could send material sample or color swatches to you to compare the quality.

4. When did your factory establish?

Our factory established in 1998, we mainly draw the 3d drawing and set up the mold for Taiwan factory in the first few years.

5. Do you have any branches in Thailand, Vietnam or other countries?

No, we do not have any branches overseas; please do not trust any other fake suppliers

6. What brands do you Cooperated or served for?

We served for many famous brands directly or indirectly, such as NIKE, ADIDAS, TUCANO, TITLEIST, MIZUNO, ION, CHUMS, ORCA BAGS, OGIO, MUELLER, Delta kayak, SITKA, DeWALT, and more.

7. Do you own the R&D department?

We mainly provide OEM service; so strictly speaking, we do not have the R&D department, but we have the top master and skilled workers of heat compression molding industry, they gained more than 20 years of compression experience!

8. Do you also produce the finished products?

For now, we only produce the compression parts for our clients.

9. What are the common heat compression Material combinations and their performance?

The heat compression material could be divided into 4 types, the foam, rubber, plastic, and other compositions. Each one could be compressed singly or laminated with fabrics and linings to cater different requirements. We are specially goods at the unusual material explore and development.

10. Can we choose the style listed on your website?

We are sorry that we only accept new design, the product listed on our website is just for reference, and other clients could not use them.

11. Do you have any catalogue or price list?

We are sorry that we do not have the catalogue in PDF, but we could send you some related photo for reference. Because most of our clients signed the non-disclosure agreement with us, they do not want to disclose the manufacturer’s information.

12. Why shall we set up a compression mold?

The mold is indispensable in heat compression sample making and production processing; each product needs the special made mold to produce.

13. What types of mold do you make?

Aluminum mold, it is the most common mold type in the heat compression molding industry.

Bronze mold, it is the stamping mold to make stamped logo used on the high-frequency machine.

Iron mold, it is the heat compression mold to make neoprene and other special material.

Steel line mold, it is the die cutting mold.

Foaming mold

14. What is the limitation of the compression mold?

Please note that the mold is going straightly up and down while working, so please avoid any undercuts during the mold designing and manufacturing.

15. What is the maximum dimension of the mold you could make?

For heat compression mold, the maximum dimension is 2000*1500*160mm

For foaming mold, the maximum dimension is 4200*2000*60mm

16. What is the lead time of mold making?

If client could provide the 3d format design, it will take 2 or 3 days to make the mold

If client do not have the 3d format artwork, but they could provide other information, such as the PDF, AI file, and describe the request in detail. It will take 3-5 days to make the mold.

If client do not have any drawing, but they could provide the sample, we could provide the reverse engineering, it will take 5-7 days to make the sample.

17. Do you accept molds, material and fabrics provided by clients or third parties?

Yes, some clients are not satisfied with the current supplier, so they want to change the supplier, so we accept the molds, material and fabrics provided by clients or third parties, but we will check and test the molds, materials first. And we will report the test result to clients. Once client confirm the sample then we could process with the mass production.

18. What kinds of Materials could be processed by your factory?

We could compress lots of materials right now, Such as EVA, neoprene, felt, PC, ABS, PET, TPE, TPR, TPU, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PS, EPP, PP, EPE, IXPE, EPE, RB, CR, NBR, SBR, SCR, EPDM, PU, PE, and more. If you want to know more about the heat compression material, you could contact us or read the following articles.

19. Will you provide the other client’s design file for reference?

The drawings and files are the secrets of our clients, we are sorry that we could not provide that kind of information.

20. What are the heat compressions molded product applications and usages?

women's fashion, health, household, home & kitchen, electronics, garden & outdoor, beauty & personal care, industrial & scientific, automotive parts & accessories, baby care products, bags and cases parts, body padding, travel and outdoor, package, protection, sports and outdoors, toys and games, appliances, tools and home improvement, pet supplies, personal protection, and more.

21. What are the main machines you used for sample making and mass production?

Foaming machine, CNC tooling machine, 3D scanner, 3d Printer, CNC trimming machine, fabric inspection machine, lamination machine, skiving machine, heating oven, heat compression machine, die cutting machine, and more.

22. What kind of service can you provide?

Foaming and composition service, 3d scanning, 3d printing, mold tooling, reverse engineering service, CNC Routing, CNC engraving service, die cutting service, laser cutting, laser trimming, punching, heat compression, stamping, lamination, skiving, logo printing, logo stamping service, and more.

23. What are the common Logo types of heat compression molding products?

Compression logo, printed logo, stamped logo, embroidery logo and other special logo as client’s requests.

24. What is the sample cost and the Tooling cost?

Including the 3d scanning cost, 3d printing cost, reverse engineering cost, drawing cost, mold making and bugging cost.

25. What’s the MOQ?

For regular material, there’s No minimum order quantity required, the unit price will based on the order quantity, the more the cheaper!

But please note that, some special or unusual fabric suppliers do not accept small quantity order even we pay extra cost to them.

26. What are the common colors for heat compression material?

For EVA foam, the common color is black and ivory white

For other types of rubber and plastic, the common color is black.

For fabric and lining, the common color is black; other regular colors are also in stock more or less, please check with our sales deputy timely.

We also could provide dyeing service based on client’s color swatch or pantone color, client needs to pay the extra cost.

27. What are the extra costs for sample?

Material cost, client needs to pay the material cost if they ask for the specified material and color,

Logo cost, including the printing logo, stamped logo or embroidery logo, and other types of logos.

Other uncertain cost, please check with our sales deputy, we won’t ask for the additional cost after we already confirmed the sample costs.

28. Is mold cost refundable?

Yes, all the mold cost will be refunded when reach the order quantity as agreed.

29. Why shall we set up a mold to make a sample and start the production?

The shape is yield by heat compression mold; please contact us individually to know more about the heat compression process.

30. What File types and formats do you need for a sample design?

3 dimension format file: Igs, stp, step,

2 dimension format file: cad, AI, PDF

31. What’s the general Packing?

Several pcs in a big Polybag and then into a carton box, or as client’s request, client’s will afford the extra packing cost accordingly.

32. Shall we sign a NDA before cooperation?

Yes, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement



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