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What are the common thermoformed materials?

Thermoformed materials are also been called as thermoforming materials, there are many types of thermoforming materials right now, such as thermoformed foams, thermoformed rubbers, thermoformed plastics and thermoformed composite materials.

Most of the famous brands owners need to custom design their products, and to have different shapes and patterns to cater different requirements.

Thermoformed foams

Thermoformed foams include Thermoformed EVA foam, Thermoformed PU Foam, Thermoformed PE foam, Thermoformed IXPE foam, Thermoformed RB Foam, and more.

For Thermoformed EVA foam, it comes with different hardness and densities, for the extra hard ones, it could be laminated with fabrics and linings to produce EVA carrying cases; for the medium hard EVA foam, for the soft EVA foams, they are used to make sport support, such as knee support, elbow support and waist bands.

Thermoformed PU Foam is short of Thermoformed Polyurethane Foam

Thermoformed PE foam is short of Thermoformed Polyethylene Foam

Thermoformed IXPE foam, Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene, we mainly use to make the kayak seat cushions and mats, with strong and light weighted.

Thermoformed RB Foam, rubber foam, which is made in Taiwan or with Taiwan tech in China, make knee pad inserts for workpants.

Thermoformed rubbers (Neoprene, CR, TPE, TPR)

Thermoformed Neoprene is also been called as the Chloroprene rubber, which is super soft and comfortable, usually come with fabrics to make luxury shoulder bags, or the inner skin of kitesurfing harness,

TPE is the short of Thermoplastic elastomers, it used to make kitesurfing harness inner skin or high quality yoga mat; it could not be laminated with any fabric or linings. We could finish the flame lamination with double layers of TPE sheet, with different colors and patterns.

Thermoformed plastics (PP, PE Sheet, PET, ABS, PC, Carbon fiber)

All the Thermoformed plastics are extra hard, so they are mainly used to produce the parts and components to keep the shape as the frame layers.

Thermoformed PP plastic is short of Thermoformed Polypropylene, We also call it sheet, film or board, it is used to make the panel, Corner guards of luggage case, or laminated with EVA foam to enhance the hardness, such as the car tool case to hold heavy devices.

Carbon fiber is the most expensive ones. Frame part of kitesurf harness, car parts, and more.

Thermoformed composite materials

Lamination fabrics or coated fabrics, Thermoformed compound material

Genuine Leather

PET Felt

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